Juegopedia: The portal on the game!

If you are fond of the game, Juego surely know, one of the most well-known brand of ITA, a leading provider of products and services for Italy.

Juego was born in 2009, the company immediately becomes the official supplier of cards, chips or dealer for floormen for official tournaments, sponsored or other types of events. The following year, the PokerStars PRO Luca Pagano becomes testimonial Juego. Today, in 2018, after years, Juego becomes a portal-style Wikipedia. The portal is a place where players can obtain information on points of sale, promotions, events, and everything to do with Juego. Rules, news, tips and more on how burraco, rummy, canasta, texas hold’em, chess, checkers, backgammon and so on and so forth.

Juegopedia is a portal where users can interact by leaving comments, observations, criticisms, tips and more. For this event, Juego Juegopedia created profiles on social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and the like. Juego has managed to create a place to gather players from all over the world. On Juegopedia you can also read the latest news on gambling in real time, an updated database of news and then buy from the Shop.

If Wikipedia is the number one source of information in the world, the source controlled by numerous collaborators, Juegopedia is certainly not less. If you are a player this is the site for you, if you do not find something on Juegopedia can not find it anywhere as they say. This is the motto that differentiates the site from many others scattered around the network. What are you waiting? The information awaits you! From seller to event organizers and now administrator of a portal of this size.

In just three years, Juego was able to completely change the field of gambling.